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Media, Spokesperson and Presentation Coaching


Four-time BCS Championship Coach Nick Saban demands the best from his Crimson Tide players, and he expects excellence from the people who work with the team. The LeMaster Group does media coaching for the Alabama team every August.

In sports or in business, when you are hiring a media coach, be cautious about those firms that list a singular qualification as: “Our trainers are all former reporters; they know what’s going on in the mind of the interviewers and can help your top-level executives.”

Yes, our professionals are all former reporters, but we are also educators and analysts who examine trends in news media behavior, personality types in media interviews, and the current thought on executive/adult education. Look for confidentiality guarantees, especially if you are the corporate PR counselor. You don’t want an advisor who expects to parlay your name into the public domain and brag about his/her involvement or the “case.” We most-often assist company public relations counselors, corporate attorneys, investor relations advisors and other advocates on a behind-the-scenes basis. There are times, of course, when you need us to be in direct conversation or meeting-time with the CEO. We will never publish a news release about our involvement, unless you have asked us to do that or have given us permission to do so.

That’s The LeMaster Group difference.

Former reporters have little experience dealing with “levels” in a corporation and no expertise as advocates; their job is to be neutral when reporting the news. Your job is to find media coaches who can help position a point of view with the strongest answers and most effective messages.

And then, there’s the number one executive fear: Speaking before an audience. Number two is death.

The LeMaster Group coaches speakers/presenters to deliver a message that will be heard, understood and believed. These sessions may be one-on-one for a specific appearance or we can conduct group coaching to rehearse for potential media interviews, trade shows, analyst meetings, industry conferences or other opportunities to persuade an audience.

In addition, we offer Basic Training for key executives who may be called upon to deliver a speech or short message…. By the way, there’s a big difference between delivering and reading.

Here are some of essential elements of TLG’s speaker coaching:
• Eye contact-where to look and how
• Use of a script
• Humor
• The Question and Answer session
• Microphone and sound management
• Elements for PowerPoint, Prezi and video elements
• Openers, closers and speech etiquette
• Pauses for effect and emphasis