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Perception Management and Public Issue Strategy


When Dallas Water Utilities needed to take its conservation campaign to the next level because of the Texas drought, it hired a consortium that included The LeMaster Group. Our efforts helped reduce water consumption in a dramatic way.

When the San Francisco 49ers needed to prove that a new stadium in Santa Clara could become a reality, the team hired The LeMaster Group to implement a fully integrated (advertising, earned media, community relations and word-of-mouth) campaign. The new Levi’s Stadium opens in 2014, twelve months earlier than promised

When Halliburton came under attack for its subsidiary KBR’s role in the Iraq War, The LeMaster Group prepared and executed a political/image/advertising/quick response/investor relations campaign targeting local, national and international audiences. Despite brutal attacks on the company during the 2004 Presidential campaign, Halliburton maintained market share in its core businesses and the company had a share price 20 points higher than 18 months earlier.

When Explorer Pipeline was being blamed for contaminating a major lake that supplied Dallas customers, the company hired TLG to change that perception at City Hall and in the public domain. In a federal lawsuit, Explorer was left blameless in the allegations and paid the City only for the cleanup costs related to a gasoline spill.

When the Dallas Cowboys were fighting a perception that seats were unaffordable in the new stadium, we put together a team that included Glasshouse Strategies to implement an advertising and earned media effort to change that viewpoint. The stadium sold out prior to its 2009 opening.

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